What is Cocktail Culture?

What's it all about?

So, what is Cocktail Culture you ask? Well, it's a lot of things! It's training, catering, events, consulting, videos and community. It's a way to demystify mixology to those who want it and a way to open up our community to those who are interested in it. It's about the drinks, the people who make them, the places they make em in and the people who drink em. It's about the history and the who, what, when, where and why of things. It's about the fellowship of gathering and the hospitality of hosting. It's about sharing our worlds with one another. Physically and educationally. It's about all that and more. So check it out, come on in, grab a drink and let's hang out!

What the heck do we do?

  • Consulting/Training
    • From Dive Bars to Luxury Bars, we have programs that will help you grow business, increase visibility and improve sales.

  • Events
    • One of a kind craft cocktails to fit any occasion. Weddings, private parties, corporate functions and more. Make your next party unforgettable.

  • Classes/Videos
    • Join us at our facility or, we can come to you! Fun, interactive cocktail classes that take the mystery out of modern mixology. Learn classics and new styles of cocktails in a fun and relaxed environment.

Meet The Team

Mark Weddle


Over 30 years of hospitality and beverage experience. Widely considered one of North Carolina's best bartenders and an all around awesome guy!

Erin McCarthy

Chief Marketing Officer, Operations Director, Head of Inspirations, Best Friend and Wife, Partner in Crime!  She's the glue!!


You are the third member of our team! You are the community of people who make this all possible. Without you, we are nothing. Thank you for helping make our dream a reality!